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Loft Berlin

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This Berlin Loft is located in an old industrial area close to the city centre. It is designed to enable living and working under one roof.
A former office-slab, that marks the entrance to the area, is being refurbished. The two functions living and working are connected with a room where both is possible. Either this room is used for meetings or as a dining area. The open floor plan allows a continuous space, that is only subdivided by two sanitary boxes or by detached walls. The different functions can be separated with ceiling-high sliding doors.
The living area is heightened with an extension to increase the natural light with the help of roof windows. The plaster of the exterior walls is being removed to show the underlying brick construction full of character.
© marc benjamin drewes ARCHITEKTUREN
© Jeong-Hoon Kim
© Jeong-Hoon Kim


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