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Author Carlo Ceresoli

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Office building of a chameleon that color dawn leads to a warm shade 'to green and then ripen color to the passing of the hours, until it became a deep gray to sunset.
It 'a concept, as the President of "think tank" of style with precious woods, mirrors, carpets and leather, a concept so as to be in a home.
A leading position of its potato snack market. The company now has 200 employees, distributed widely in the Italian market and exports to 22 countries worldwide.
 The Hall entrance, completely covered in wood paneling with cherry national steel chrome inserts.
the doors to design even the architect Carlo Ceresoli glimpse through glass with internal fabric of the offices.
Hall first floor executive, white lacquered wood, carpet color similar to the color of the front, large glazed areas in which we can glimpse the meeting room
The meeting room, parts of walls covered in cherry wood with grain cross-table design with leather hand-dyed


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