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Author Carlo Ceresoli

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Historic center of Brescia. street Trieste , 48
Studio recovered in a noble palace and conceived as open space loft , which operates in the field of ARCHITECTURE an INTERIOR DESIGN -
CREATION of the Contemparary

A cosmopolitan culture, a mind open to the new things' , love for beauty and good taste .
My work and 'completely on detailed mine design, the logistics of the house or showroom, finishes, colors, fabrics.

Art in the desire to discover in every of our existence an expression of armory.
Art is creation from nothing of symbolic forms that may point to the everyday.
art is alchemy of sensation that everything can suggest
seating area studio with original historical painting of '700, table with black leather inserts
Studio divided by a wood structure and tissue, bench and table design architect Ceresoli, Murano lamps 70 black glass by artist A. Bonalumi
Console in wood lacquered white, photograph by American artist Sandy Skoglund, It works on paper by J. Le Parc
Detail console input, bronze lamps design architect Carlo Ceresoli. Picture of Sandro Martini


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