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Author Carlo Ceresoli

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Important '70 Villa completely restored furnished with furniture and woodwork to design Architect Ceresoli.
In the hall there is a ebonized oak paneling and painted white,
Inlaid marble floor as design Ceresoli., Operates a wall F. SOBRINO '80, and support N. EVANGELISTI.
In the main hall, fireplace antique vintage of Villa Botticino marble placed on a ebonized paneling consists of niches with collection of photographs by international artists.
The fireplace work of American SANDY SKOGLUND
Above the sofa always Americana artist S. SKOGLUND
Attached to the living room, separated by an architectural backdrop in ebonized wood is the dining room table design Architect Carlo Ceresoli, ebony and parchment, carpet made to design Arch., Ebonized wood paneling with photography American artist S. Skoglund. Sculptures of R. DONA' blown glass chandelier and the 40 manufacturing Murano.
In the bathroom, the floor inlaid design, the container sinks cherry stained on site, works of VINTAGE '70 LESLIE KRIMS and M. MACKU.


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