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Author Carlo Ceresoli
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Apartment or located in a palazzos 60s in historic BRESCIA.
The entrance and 'was divided by an architectural backdrop bleached wood and marble inserts
Emperadon Brown, inlaid in the floor design Architect Carlo Ceresoli, Console Deco ' Austria 40s, vase / sculpture of the Arch. Ettore Sottsass,
photography ARTHUR TRESS. Important picture Achilles PERILLI 2000
In Room Manor, Bed as design, velvet A. Marten, completely covered
polished oak paneling and mother of nacre.
Ae walls by the photographer MAURIZIO GALIMBERTI.
Deco console 'in black lacquer work LESLIE Krims and sculpture of the Arch. Ettore
Reading room with library brushed oak, works of American master PHIL BORGES
Dining room, table designed by the architect. Carlo Ceresoli. Chandelier years' 70i No glass opal
Murano and great work of MARIO SCHIFANO


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