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Cat and Mouse Beer-bar

Author Vladislav Kostadinov
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A project for brand new Beer Bar and in the same time Conceptual Store in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The district of the city where the bar is established is called ‘Kapana’, which in Bulgarian means ‘The Trap’. Together with the name ‘Cat and Mouse’ we decided to use small and bigger ‘traps’ to design our own lighting and furniture in the proper colors. The entire space for the project is only 20.00 m2 and we tried to make an innovative design and make the space to look wider. The high of the space gave us the chance to use the space till the second level without making any physical or visual barriers. The materials are different types of wood and plywood, black not-painted metal, copper, textile cables and gray textiles, using of natural old bricks and black-painted walls and ceiling. We designed and made also the furniture – bar and sofas and the lighting – floor- and ceiling lamps. studio 8 1/2 made also the concept and design for the bar’s graphic and visual identity – font, logo, etc.


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