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Author Carlo Ceresoli

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A radical intervention complete renovation in Madonna di Campiglio, cut space, the plant project and its choice of materials, finishes and lighting.
My mission was to create a 'home is in the mountains, but in a more' "current".
E 'for this reason that I have used in the living stone - Gaya grey- format and laying parquet, wood paneling oak serrated dyed locally pearl gray punctuated by pilasters designed by me-effect Damier, scalirate , then playing with boxes defined by bands coated cashmere Loro Piana, whose intersections established by borche black recovery in the same color of the wood stove completely cast of the French firm Invicta a distinctly modern design.
A mix of harmony so very strict with regard to the "architectural box" that welcomes and works of contemporary art, divavi moleskin sage green again with Loro Piana fabrics, pillows and ottomans in white fur.
In the master bathroom quartzite type Bark, placed in "open book", the mobile sinks console with drawers pony shaved and backlit mirrors.


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