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Apartment Bogortuin Amsterdam

Author 70Farchitecture

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The house is a 2-story apartment with living on the ground floor and working/sleeping upstairs. Since the house was part of a larger project, choices for planning where limited. First, we removed as many walls as possible. We made the kitchen a part of the living room, designing it as a piece of furniture rather than a kitchen. The office is extended into the library/meeting room by a glass wall. This also makes daylight accessible in this darker part of the house, which has windows only on one side. The bedroom has a bathroom 'en suite'.
All necessary closets and cabinets are put inside a wall covered in teak wooden doors. This makes it possible to create almost empty spaces. The covering on the ground floor is a white industrial floor, the stairs and first floor are covered with bamboo. The bathroom floors are covered with black slate. Worktops, bath and basins are made from the Durat composite.


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