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valley house

Author Adi wainbeg

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valley house

a family house in a 2500 sqm orchid at hefefer valley.
the building form is minimal and clear.

Valley house is deigned as a system that embraces nature and the environment through its structure and form, use of materials, orientation, natural ventilation and lighting, grey water reuse for the garden maintenance etc' in a manner that portraits the intimate and tender spatial qualities to this home.

The structure is slightly lifted above the ground and the basement patio portraits a Private attitude towards the street. a concrete path lays between the wooden facade facing south and the olive grove reveals the modest entrance and lets the visitor a glance to to the staircase through the wooden louvers and another towards the dining area. when entering the intimate public area of the house is revealed and lets the visitor a full view towards the garden and the orange orchard. the open living area is welcoming the guests to enjoy the calm atmosphere and the green surrounding.
The private area at t


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