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Evgeniya Sarkisyan

Evgeniya Sarkisyan

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Опыт - 5 лет
Работа в любой стране - нет
Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) (MARCHI)
Domus Academy
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About me
My name is Evgeniya Sarkisyan and I am an architect based in Italy.
I was born and raised in Moscow, Russia.
I decided to pursue the profession and career that I feel right for me.
I graduated from Moscow Architectural Institute (State Academy) in 2010 and after I found a good and interesting job, where step by step I took position of senior architect-designer.
A bit later I understood that I want more, I want to improve myself.
And I decided to come to the core of Architecture and Design to get a Master in Interior and Living Design- I came to Milan, Italy.
I succesfully made a Master in Domus Academy, got an Italian Diploma and a Diploma of Wales University.
Now I collaborate with a great studio with amazing people in Italy. We do different projects from building of private houses to reconstruction of the shoes laboratory.
And every day I find something new, always work on projects with passion and improving my knowledge in different ways.