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Xi’an Hyatt Hotel


Project Name: Xi’an Hyatt Hotel

Location: No.988 Qujiangchi East Road Qujiang New Zone Xi’an City

Project Floor Area: 50,000㎡

Opening Date: 2016

Project Design Company:YANG & Associates Group

Chief Design Team: Yang Bangsheng, Lai Guangshao, Tan Jiesheng

▲ Surface

It just rained before Calyx Building, and the city of Changan enjoys the peace. Xi’an was named Changan in ancient times for the meaning of lifelong peace and order. It had been capital for 13 dynasties and also one of the most ancient cities in China. During the peak period of Tang Dynasty, Xi’an was always thronged with guests from both the east and the west. “Rome stands for the west and Xi’an stands for the east” was the reality of Xi’an and its then historic status.

Xi’an Hyatt Hotel stands at the bank of the picturesque Qijiang. Its unique and favorable geographical surrounding enables the guests to experience the coziness of nature while still stays in the city. The hotel, set under the background scene of Tang Culture, reflects the garden style design. Xi’an is well celebrated for its land and resources. YANG adopted the grandeur and charming elements of ancient city walls, with the overall palette being copper, detailed design inspired from the architectures of Tang. Examples can be found at atrium lighting details which draw inspiration from yard lamp and tower of Tang, and the lobby screen from the door design in Tang architecture. YANG utilized artful design expression in the lobby to deliver texture and solemnity. Meanwhile, the pendent lighting is also integrated into the whole set, and the regularly arranged grilling transmits bright nature light.

▲ Lobby

▲ Reception Dack

Tang Dynasty brought the Silk Road to a new climax. A large quantity of Jewish merchants thronged China, and thus boosted communications and trading in and abroad. The lobby lounge is open and generous. The western flavored Persia lounge and eastern flavor Chinese lounge at the center of the atrium convey the unique local charm. Thousands of years later, the melting of culture between east and west leaves people recalling the glamorous and unforgettable history.

▲ Lobby Lounge

The unique eastern flavor ceiling cornices form a bright landscape. The sentiment of how time flies, the memories of the once tender and native age, the subtle feeling of pleasure and the pure luxury created for the soul.

The exquisitely arranged upholstery in the ADD creates an elegant and cozy dining atmosphere. The history-awaking chandeliers are both classical and novel by nature to bring out the new from the old and to pay tribute to the history.

▲All Day Dining

Chinese restaurant adopted modern design technique in the space, and the ceiling deducts the essence of Xi’an architecture. The simple and stylish Chinese chandelier brings out the warm and graceful environment, and the modern design language explains the beauty of Chinese style.

▲Chinese Dining Room

▲Banqueting Room

The wall of the executive lounge is designed in a modern way to convey the good wish of great fortune. The screen and modern furniture make a combination as if it’s a modern Qipao that wanders around the Avenue des Champs Elysees.

The details in the guestrooms explain the design quality. The carpet and the pomegranate patterned backdrop are expressed in modern ways. The context of ancient city Changan is contained within the textural elements. The custom-made artwork display accentuated the modern Chinese flavor.

▲Guest Room

Great Poet Han Yu once expressed his appreciation of Changan’s beauty in his poem “This is the best view in the year. Nothing even the poplar-booming spring dares to compare.”And now, YANG also delivered his appreciation in a form of space, and the space invites you in to experience the heart-moving old tales.

▲Swimming Pool

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