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Minshan Hotel Chengdu


Project Name: Minshan Hotel Chengdu 

Project Address: No. 55 Renmin South Rd 2nd Section, Chengdu, Sichuan 

Date of Completion: 2010 

Project Area: 45, 000 ㎡ 

Hotel Type: Boutique business Hotel 

Hotel Management Company: Minshan Hotel Company 

Design Company:YANG & Associates Group 

Design Feature: Renovation project; Inherit from the ancient beauty and bring about innovation; Minshan theme; Ba-shu Culture.

There’s no doubt that the renovation project of Minshan Hotel on the Renmin South Road in Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan province, has freshen up the landmark of the city’s downtown area. The purpose of the overall project is to create a hotel with a rich presence of Bashu culture, combined with the latest international trends in design, so the guests could enjoy antique beauty and modern fashion sense all at once.

The view of Minshan Mountain visible from the lobby of the hotel leaves the impression of a graceful and thought-provoking traditional Chinese brush painting. The petals of hibiscus, the symbolic flower of Chengdu, floating in the air, the crystal teapot sparkling at the top of the pillar, and the screen made of 20-year-old abalone shells, creates a unique visual feast. All the lighting, art works and furniture are custom-tailored by the master design team, endowing the hotel with unduplicatable traits. The fusion of elegant Chinese landscape and captivating western fashion in Minshan Hotel establishes a long- lasting noble elegance. The design concept of the garden restaurant utilizes an organic integration of the interior environment and the outdoor garden to create a breath-taking dining space with touch of nature. The diversified furnishing in the business conference room is austere but tasteful, which satisfies various business demands. Guests comfort is the ultimate target of the Minshan Hotel design. Therefore, every measurement and proportion of the furniture and the use of decors in the space are the achievement of the designers’ careful calculation and consideration, which bring ultimate body and soul comfort.

Adding in a remarkable highlight to Chengdu, the most elegant city in south-west Bashu area, through its boutique business hotel design, the Minshan hotel regains its former glory.

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