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Hualuxe Xiamen(YANG & Associates Group)


▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - Exterior

 “It’s a city above and around the sea”. Located in the south-east end of Fujian Province, Xiamen services as a major city in Southern Fujian. Surrounded by seawater, the city enjoys agreeable weather all year around, and is therefore known as a picturesque “Sea Garden”. Hualuxe Xiamen is situated at the heart of the Haicang Bay Landscape Belt. The peculiar appearance of the property resembles flying egret’s wings a lot, as if the building is soaring from Xiamen harbor and taking the entire city with it. As the interior consultant, YANG bares Hualuxe’s brand philosophies (Chinese Etiquette, Status Recognition, Rejuvenation in Nature & Enabling Space), Southern Fujian cultures and features of bay cities in mind, presenting a characterful cultural hotel that stands out from its competitors else where. 

▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - Lobby Frontdesk

▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - Lobby

Dark-colored stone was selected as the floor fishing of the front desk area, connecting the waterscape in the same tone and symbolizing Xiamen’s position to the sea--“a city above and around the sea”. Rising from the ground and reaching up to the sky, an awe-inspiring sail-shaped art installation adorns the backdrop of the front desk. The cloud-like chandelier brings rich layers to the space, creating a dream-like floating scene. The cloud flies above water, and water reflects the sail. The pavilion stands above the water, and people stands inside the pavilion. It is the place where sages gather with courtesy.

▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - Lobby Lounge

Lobby lounge themes “Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove”, where cultural elements like lute, chess, calligraphy and painting have been deftly reinterpreted. Elegant scroll floats above the air as if it is dancing to the breeze with beautiful scenery of Gulangyu inside. Antique lute and chess board are placed at the lounge area to add a touch of ancient beauty into the space. Full-sized wooden display shelves are mounted on the side wall. With books showcased in it, one feels like standing among the sea of knowledge, where is exactly the place sages gather.

▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - All Day Dining

▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - All Day Dining

▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - All Day Dining

Costal cities like Xiamen are often featured by seaside stalls, and that is where the all-day dining design draws inspirations from. Various commodities are displayed on shelves made of antique ship wood. Red brick walls with southern Fujian characteristics, semi-opened door leaves and casements are used in the design of the noodle stations. Familiar utensils kept in the station manifest daily folk life of Xiamen. And to create an artistic effect of water flowing above the stone, two various materials are subtly used in the side wall, adding a rustic touch into the space. With modern design method, YANG creates an inviting picture that mixes the past and present.

▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - Chinese Restaurant

Traditional names of the twelve months and wild imaginations of four seasons are ingeniously applied in the design of the Chinese restaurant, creating a mystic aura with comforting color contrast. Buckles on the door have strong sailing flavor, while the pendant lamp shape comes from seabird feathers. Adorned by lacquer boxes of southern Fujian, everything in the Chinese restaurant exudes rich southern Fujian feature and romantic seaside style.

Rhythmical patterns on the ballroom wall resemble the meandering appearance of the costal cliffs, while the ripple-like texture on the carpet echos the breath-taking sea views outside the window. Standing inside such lively space, one can even feel the imaginary sea breezes from afar. Design of the pendant lamp comes from characterful wooden window lattices of southern fujian. By extracting the form, YANG managed to illustrate traditional patterns in modern languages, making it possible for classic beauty and innovative spirit to exist at the same time.

▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - Guest Room

▲ Hualuxe Xiamen - Guest Toilet

Project Name: Hualuxe Xiamen 

Site: No.63, Pingshan Nanli, Haicang Avenue, Haicang District, Xiamen, China 

Area: 57,000 Sqm 

Category: Business Hotel 

Design Consultancy: YANG & Associates Group 

Chief Designers:Yang Bangsheng, Chen Anyun and Tian Shuai 

Opening Date: 28th November, 2017 

Photographer: Ma Xiaochun

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