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The Best Resort Haitang Bay No.9 Resort Sanya Resort Hotel


Project Name:Haitang Bay No.9 Resort Sanya Resort Hotel 

Project Address: No. 9 Haitang Bay, 301 Road, Haitang Bay, Sanya, Hainan (Near Hainan Branch of the Chinese PLA General Hospital) 

Date of Completion: January, 2013 

Project Area: 80,000㎡ 

Hotel Type: Resort hotel 

 Hotel Management Company: Gloria Hotels & Resorts 

Design Company:YANG & Associates Group 

Designs :Yang Bangsheng

▲ Surface

The designer was inspired by the unique Li ethnic culture at Hainan and transformed the traditional peasant working tools-the rice-pounding bucket into the background at the lobby reception counter, which is correspondent with giant cage like decorative lamp. The noted Li embroidery pattern is abstracted into modern decorative shapes and cleverly used on the flooring, wall-covering, screening, furniture and carpets to reveal a rich regional culture.


Lobby Bar

The design of the hotel perfectly combines the contemporary Chinese style with tropical island charm through a simple and vivid design method. Green is used as the theme color throughout the overall bright, warm yet simple color tone. The characteristics of tropical architecture, gardening and seashore are organically combined with the interior design and the Li ethnic culture element was cleverly blended in to reveal a unique Pan-oriental southern Asian resort feature.

Buffet Restaurant

Chinese Restaurant

Special Restaurant

Guest Room

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