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Fuzhou Kempinski Hotel


▲ Fuzhou Kempinski Hotel - Lobby

Project Name: Fuzhou Kempinski Hotel 

Project Site: Taihe Square Dong Er Huan Fuzhou City 

Project Floor Area: 32,652sqm 

 Hotel Category: Urban Business Hotel 

Project Design Company:YANG & Associates Group

Design Feature: Modern Chinese Style, Oriental Quality, Low-Key Luxury 

Chief Designer Team:Yang Bangsheng,Huang Shengguang,Wu Shangrong

Project Description: 

Fuzhou, a historical and cultural city along the southeast coast of China, is also known as “Hometown of Overseas Chinese”, owning the reputation of pivotal gateway on “the silk road via the sea”. The old generations travel overseas to fight for their lives. YANG captured the suitcase elements representing journey and leveraged the image on the reception design. Together with the hanging backdrop Fuzhou Painting, they both secretly reveal the homesickness sentiment of that time. Designers drew inspiration from the influential Fuzhou Shipyard Culture during Qing Dynasty. With “Sails” being the design concept, they created a magnificent wall-hung structure “Sailing” using 366 pieces of hand carved cards. The structure, which is 8.5m in height and 8.2 in width, powerfully represent Fuzhou people’s unity, determination and courage. The card design took the shape of the Fuzhou traditional building tiles, and blends well with the local culture and inherits the local historic feature to keep the memories fresh.

Jasmine, the city flower of Fuzhou, has a history as long as Fuzhou city. During Western Han Dynasty, Jasmine was introduced from India to Fujian China and thus became the most favorite flower. YANG took the color feature and applied onto the color design for hotel guestrooms. Light and elegant petals on the headboard-side walls bring out the exclusive charm and freshness to the rooms. The designing of lobby and banquet pendent lights are also jasmine-inspired. The Swarovski crystals, representing eternity and nobility, on the pendent are technically carved to function perfectly with the natural light. The layers of crystal waves and sparkles bring out the luxurious visual effect.

Meanwhile, the noble and luxurious German-style is everywhere to be found within the hotel. Thanks to the metal inlays and trims combining excellent leverage of stone, the spaces are deluxe and serene, sophisticated yet generous.

YANG’s design blends western style with Chinese elements. We employee agalmatolite elements representing local culture and metal material features German in the design. YANG observes tradition in a modern perspective, illustrates the context using contemporary language, perceives the local flavor and pulse in limited fragments of time and space, and explore the innermost culture of the city with details one after another.

▲Fuzhou Kempinski Hotel - Corridor

▲Fuzhou Kempinski Hotel - All Day Dining

▲Fuzhou Kempinski Hotel - Special Restaurant

▲Fuzhou Kempinski Hotel - Stairs

▲Fuzhou Kempinski Hotel - Guest Room

▲Fuzhou Kempinski Hotel - Culbhouse

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